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Classic data access layer is nothing but querying data from database, extracting & packing data into CLR typed classes. Classic DAL Helpers makes it easier for back-end layers, especially for Data Access Objects to extract and fill data. Its developed in Microsoft .NET 3.5, C#.



Helpers are more like utilities, wrappers, and extensions to simplify work in the data access objects;

  • Database connection lifetime management.
  • Execution store commands.
  • Materialize CLR types given a data reader.
  • Templates and abstract classes for business entities, data access objects, and search query arguments.



Visual Studio 2008 is required for the current release of Classic DAL Helpers.


Other Resources

The following post introduces the Classic DAL Helpers API and includes a walkthrough of the sample application:


Snikt! Is the modern version of Classic DAL Helpers API, which is a Micro-ORM that does nothing but mapping your query results to POCOs.

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